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Web Design

Union made custom websites.
 Basic websites, e-Commerce sites, Content Management Sites –<br>
Each website is custom designed to meet your needs and budget.

Professionally designed custom websites are what we do. Not all we do, but what like best. We work with unions, nonprofits, small business owners, home based businesses and individuals. We can handle your project from start to finish including domain registration and setting up your web hosting.

Our standard website projects are now based on flexible layouts which will give your website the ability to display equally well on computer monitors, tablets and smaller mobile devices. Most websites look fine on desktop and laptops, but are difficult to navigate on hand-held devices. Our flexible layouts overcome this limitation by automatically adjusting the web page, including the images to fit within whichever display your site visitors use to access your website.

This website uses the flexible layout and if you are on a computer that allows you to adjust the size of your browser window you will see what we mean when shrink or enlarge the width of your browser window.

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To view some our past website projects, view our Portfolio.You can also request a quote. Give us a call at 607-625-5920 to discuss your project, or fill out our contact form and we will be happy to go provide you with a free estimate.

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A sample site (under construction) to see more examples of our work click here.