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Video Production Services

Every company has a story – share yours through video. Whereas text is static, video is dynamic, engaging and inspiring. In fact, 85% of the internet audience is watching online video – that’s 183M people.

In partnership with SoMedia Networks, we offer six types of video – each to meet your various business goals. Whether it’s adding a face to your company, building trust and credibility, driving viewers to take action or garnering attention from the media, our video products are a great addition to your website, social channels, email marketing campaigns and as part of other marketing and public relations initiatives.

All videos are shot in HD and delivered in TV, web and mobile friendly formats.

Company Profiles

Seen as personal and genuine, video profiles are a great way to introduce personality and a face to you, your company and your services.

Company Testimonials

The most powerful way to build trust and credibility, video testimonials are perceived as genuine, believable and more authentic than their written counterparts.

Scripted Ads

The most effective way to garner attention and direct viewers to take action – video ads use a professionally written script and recorded voiceover that persuades audiences.

Video News Releases

Short, professionally scripted and produced video news stories focused on a company announcement – VNR’s work perfectly in conjunction with traditional press releases to spark media attention.

Feature News Stories

An in-depth, professionally scripted and produced video news segment focused on a company, product or service. It takes a narrative approach to shape the story, examines the five W’s and incorporates interviews from third parties.

Event Coverage

Planned and managed system that provides coordinated coverage of special events, fundraisers, exhibitions, trade shows and lifestyle or gala events.

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